Cocorico Patisserie

Update April 2023- Unfortunately Cocorico Patisserie is no longer open.

I received vouchers for my birthday from my sister for afternoon tea at Cocorico Patisserie, Whitchurch Road. I was excited to go as the pictures on Instagram look amazing!

We were seated and asked what drink we would like and for us to choose a macaroon from the counter. I chose a salted caramel macaroon.

Our tea arrived with a cute tea strainer and nice pot. I like the way the pot and tea cups arrived on a little wooden board.

The presentation of the cake stand looked lovely, however I didn’t notice at first we would have to share some of the items between us.


There was only one sandwich each at this afternoon tea, so this was a first. A three tier ham hock and pea sandwich. It was really tasty, but very small.

We had to share the rest of the savoury items. One chorizo and avocado brioche bun, a goats cheese croissant, ham and cheese quiche and a ham and leek pie. These were all tasty, but it was a shame we didn’t have enough each. We didn’t have the vouchers on a special deal etc, so I didn’t expect to have to cut them in half to share. This could have been a bit awkward for some people.


This was the first afternoon tea without scones. Instead there were a selection of patisserie cakes. A mini lemon meringue pie, a rich chocolate tart and a apricot dome. The chosen macaroons then followed with a cream filled macaroon.

The venue itself was busy, for some reason it reminded me of a work canteen with the decor.


There were lots of cakes and items to order if you just want something small.

It is a quite unique venue as its very modern and offers a different style of afternoon tea. It was very tasty, but because we had to share our savouries. Unfortunately I was actually hungry when I got home.. Rather than the usual stuffed feeling.

Afternoon tea is £15 per person. You can book by phoning 02921 328177.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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