Park House

Sorry for the delay in my review, September was a busy month with a new job and a new niece- yes my sister who has been pregnant in all my previous reviews finally had her baby!

I was invited to try the French afternoon tea at the prestigious Park House restaurant. I had always admired the building from afar and this was the first time I have actually visited. We were greeted after ringing the doorbell and shown to our table. The room was lovely and bright with beautiful features.


You might notice there are no photos of a cake stand at the visit, this was because there wasn’t one. To be honest I was a bit gutted as I love the display of an impressive cake stand, it makes the experience more theatrical.

We were swiftly presented with breaded fish goujons and smoked salmon cones. We were then offered an amuse bouche of a cheesy foam pumpkin gazpacho. This was interesting and was certainly tasty.


We were then presented with our sandwiches. We had substituted one of the salmon and we were given a cucumber sandwich. We also had chicken with mustard and egg which were nice. We then waited to be served our cakes.


The cakes were impressive, but they were just on a normal plate, they were not on a nice wooden board like on the photos online. Unfortunately I struggled to get nice photos.

The chocolate eclairs were too similar to the choux pastry chocolate dessert. I think they only needed one of the choux pastries.  The macaroon was huge but yummy! The lemon meringues looked perfectly presented and the cheese cake was refreshing.


We were only offered tea while we were eating our cakes. Which is very unusual to not have tea served first. We were only drinking water until this point. There were other tables being served in the same order so we hadn’t been forgotten about. They did however have a good range of tea to choose from.

I can understand that the French afternoon tea is not your usual traditional afternoon tea, but I would admit I missed drinking tea with my sandwiches and not having the cakes and sandwiches arrive on an impressive cake stand was a bit disappointing.

You can book afternoon tea online and you view the full menu here. Afternoon tea is £25.00 per person which is not a bad price for the Park House experience.

I think they have the unique afternoon tea experience, but serve tea at the start with the sandwiches and change the presentation and it would make the experience more impressive.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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