The Angel Hotel, Abergavenny

I was so excited to receive a gift voucher for my birthday as I had heard such good things about the Angel Hotel. It was all true! Abergavenny is about a 45 minute drive from Cardiff and on a glorious sunny day it made for a nice day out.

Afternoon tea and High tea is served in the Wedgewood room which was a beautifully presented room. Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best, it kind of reminded me of the atmosphere at the Ritz London. I am not surprised they do hold various awards for their afternoon tea.

We had the High tea option which has extra savoury options on top on the usual afternoon tea. They offer a huge range of teas, the current menu is available online.

I opted for the Angel Afternoon Blend for my tea choice, which was very nice.

There was a bit of a delay in between being served our drinks and the food arriving. As soon as the stands arrived my brother in law devoured his sandwiches before I had chance to take photos. Afternoon tea needs to be eaten slowly, even if you are starving!

I asked for no salmon so my cake stand came out as individual stand.

The savouries included sausage rolls, quiches, salmon and duck tarts. The plate was warm and all were really appetizing. It’s nice to get extra savouries for a change.

The sandwiches included ham, egg and cress and chicken. I had two egg because I had requested no salmon. The sandwiches were delicate and delicious.

The Scones came out warm when we were ready for them. I was trying to save room for them, as scones are always filling. You can take a doggie bag home so don’t force feed yourself! You can choose whether you want clotted cream, whipped cream or butter. I would always recommend clotted cream.

There was an excellent selection of cakes however there weren’t enough of each type for every guest. I really don’t like it when venues do this as it can be really awkward depending on who you visit with. They had not provided a custard slice on my cake stand, but my sister asked if we could swap something for one as she said they are amazing. To be fair, it was worth the swap. Cakes included mini Victoria sponges, coffee and walnut, chocolate orange, choux bun and the legendary custard slice.

Afternoon tea and High tea is available Monday-Friday. High tea only on weekends. Afternoon tea is £27 per person and High tea is £32. It is definitely worth the extra fiver for the savouries.

You can book online or by phone 01873 857121

The venue was spot on, the food was all lovely and the whole experience just felt extra special. Plus who doesn’t love a doily? I definitely recommend the Angel hotel, especially for a special treat like Mother’s Day etc. Gift vouchers are also available online, so get some extra brownie points and get some for Mother’s Day!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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